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Another self seeded, in 2014, Permanent. Not annual, Viola in 2015 .


National Pansy and Viola Website

A picture of a perennial viola. This is just one plant in a five inch pot, now in its third full season. The pot is sunk into the soil which means once established(roots go into soil below pot through drainage holes) it will not dry out and can be left without fear.

This plant all being well will continue to flower for years to come.

National Viola and Pansy Website

Exhibition Violas. The first two bottom row are Helen Cochrane and William Fife (long established Exhibition Violas) the third and fourth bottom right are seedlings the third is a Helen Cochrane and Lesley Keay Cross and the fourth is a Helen Cochrane and William Fife Cross.I think the resulting seedling from this cross is worth keeping, and I will be taking cuttings in the later part of the year.

National Viola and Pansy Website

These are some of the new 2015 seedling blooms.

They could be mistaken for early 18th Century photos in some of the books published.

A lack of refinement detracts for exhibition , but the genes of their ancestors seem to still be present.

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Some old and new.

The first four are Fancy Pansy Seedlings from hand crossing last year, unfortunately plants have been hosting some greenfly perhaps reason for crumpled blooms.

The second attachment shows four named cultivars for comparison.

The blooms are being staged in little plastic cups available on the web at minimum cost, which in my opinion is a better way of displaying than the current “board “ method for garden society shows .

pansy viola

As current Chairman of the NVPS several people have asked me how they can contact committee members of the Society. Committee members are understandably wary of disclosing telephone numbers and e-mails to one and all worldwide.

New members are normally provided with a Society leaflet, but this is not until a few weeks after they join. This does give contact numbers.

I am always available to answer questions regarding details of growing , showing and any other horticultural matters regarding the viola genus.

If I cannot provide an answer myself I will find out for any member by contacting other more knowledgeable persons.

To avail yourself of this contact please use the comments box on this site.

This is found as a “comment” just below the post subject on each post .

Your own details are kept secure , but it means that I can then contact you by phone or e-mail to follow up your query. I can also put you in touch with our Reps throughout Scotland and England.