Welcome  and thank you for visiting this site.
Visitors to this site wishing to join, for the 2015 year, should forward to details, as explained below,to the society’s treasurer .


The year runs from the February 2015 for 12 months. The cost is A MINIMUM, £6, any donations welcome  .payable by cheque made out to NVPS ( NATIONAL. VIOLA PANSY SOCIETY )  please include your name,full address , phone number, and if you include your e-mail address you will be,  if you wish , sent  some extra growing advice. (please see below)on a monthly basis from January to November.

You will be sent upon first joining..

The limited edition, Centenary Lapel Badge. and an illustrated publication giving the 100 year history ,and time line of the Society . This has been written by JOHN SNOCKEN THE WORLD FAMOUS AUTHORITY ON THIS GENUS.2014 was the Centenary Year of Society.

Also, two publications ,during the year, compiled in the main from members stories about their own adventures in growing hybridising , and sometimes showing.

On joining, if you include your e-mail address, your membership entitles you to ten monthly e-mail newsletter giving illustrated cultural hints AS HOW TO GROW AND THEN INCREASE YOUR STOCK FOR FREE.
this will give a suggested monthly growing calendar from Feb to November .
Safely sent via Bcc to keep your email address secure.

We have regional reps throughout England and Scotland ,( growers from Wales and Ireland needed to join this band of enthusiasts ), who can be rung up to seek advice if needed during the season.

In addition we are running a class for new members only at our Annual show  this year,with prizes of £50 ,£30 and £20 , full details will be in the show schedule issued to members only.


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Mrs.Baker
    I am interested in joining the Society but see above that your address seems to be incomplete (there is no road name).If you receive this message I would welcome your full address.
    Many thanks,best wishes
    Peter Turner


      • Hello Mr.Wells,many thanks for your reply.Yes I intend to apply for membership very soon,until then,best regards,Peter.

  2. Hi
    I applied to join your society on the 7th Oct ,and also enclosed a cheque for £6.
    This was sent to to the Solihull address.
    The cheque has not been cashed to date,can you confirm if you received the letter or not

  3. I posted a £10 note to John Snocken before Christmas to pay for a year’s subscription.I thought he was the secretary as his name is on the other site as secretary.
    He emailed me to say he received my money and told me he would forward it to you.
    I am a keen Viola grower living in the south of Ireland.
    Can you confirm please that you received this money ?
    Looking forward to
    hearing from you

    Tomas Roantree

    • Hi Tomas,
      I am in the process of sorting this one out , but in the meantime welcome you into the NVPS.
      Anyone who wishes to join should please refer to the About page to locate our treasurer.
      Sadly the original website is still causing problems as it is defunct, and no longer maintained since 2004.
      The Society is not in a position to obviate this problem as the website is owned by a non member who has kindly in the past agreed to keep it on the internet for the historical notes it contains which ,in the past I have myself reimbursed the cost.This is no longer the case.

  4. I am sending you a cheque for our renewal fee,but notice that on the form the post code ends with 2BP,while the envelope supplied says 1BP.Which should I use?
    Regards, Paddy Kelly, Dublin Five Horticultural Society.

  5. Are there any books on the subject of violas or pansies? On other flowers such as Roses, Cyclamen etc there is usually at least one book considered to be ‘the bible’ or most complete reference work on the subject costing £30 and then there are others which are less detailed but comprehensive A to Z types costing £15 and finally the very brief guides costing £5. But I cannot find any up to date ‘bibles’ or in fact any book worth mentioning written about pansies which covers all aspects and covers all 500 odd hybrids. Is that because pansies are regarded as too easy and common to warrant a decent book to themselves or is it that no one has bothered to write one? Do you know of any good books on pansies please, I would be most grateful for your help, thanks, best wishes. P.S. I am in the process of joining the society, (cheque is in the post), after stumbling across this site having previously discovered the old site and thought that you were now defunct. Glad to see that you still exist, at least the mediocre pansy has some followers even though they don’t write any books.

    • Hello Nigel,
      Great to welcome a new member.
      Plenty of books exist on the subject of how the Florist Pansy/viola evolved. Our Society exists for the conservation of these sorts.
      Rodney Fuller and Roy Genders both produced good works and these are available from Abe Books and probably from Amazon for a few pounds.
      A member from Scotland has produced his own on how to grow for show which is the most up to date there is at present.
      Any problems on finding the first two on the web please get back to me.

      • Thanks very much for your help. I am obviously incompetent at surfing the internet but with your advice have made at least some progress in finding other texts on Pansies including the two that you have recommended:
        Handbook of practical gardening – The book of the pansy, viola and violet, Harry Roberts 1908
        Pansies, viola and violets, William Cuthbertson 1910
        Sweet violets and pansies, E.T. Cook 1915
        Pansies and violas for exhibition and garden, Howard H. Crane 1951
        Pansies, violas and violets, Roy Genders 1958
        Pansies, violas and sweet violets, Elizabeth Farrar 1989
        Pansies, violas and violettas complete guide, Rodney Fuller 1993
        Violas and violettas, Rodney Fuller and Elisabeth Dowie 1994
        Pansies, Scott Appell 1999 (Mainly pictures)
        Violets and Pansies – field guide to identifying violas in the UK, Rachel the gardener (undated)
        Some of the older texts can be read, at least in part, on Forgottenbooks.com.
        Of course there is a vast amount of fragmented information about Pansies on the internet but, being old, I still like reading a book. Thanks again.

  6. Hi
    I am very concerned at the difficulty of not being able to make any email contact with the committee of the NPVS. I have sent a membership subscription to Mrs E Baker in the West Midlands and had no confirmation at all of her receiving it even though I included my email address and telephone number. I am getting concerned as I do belong to other specialist plant societies that all have ways and means for members to contact various committee members and other members as well. I would welcome any comments that any other NPVS members may have experienced along the above lines. Thank you. ~ David.

    • Hello David,
      As current Chairman of the Society I am sorry to hear that you have not heard about your membership , I will pass on your comments to our treasurer and secretary soonest in order that they can contact you directly.

  7. Hello
    Just wondering if the NPVS is still up and running (hope so) as I have not received a renewal notice. Please can you advise. Thank you.~ David

    Thanks David

    The Society held it’s AGM two weeks ago and decided that as it was unable to arrange a show this year, subs paid in the previous year would stand for 2016.
    It is hoped that a new schedule will be produced for next year when it is planned to hold the annual show at a garden centre near Birmingham.
    Three new committee members are looking into this .
    It is hoped that ALL members will receive an account of the decisions made at the AGM soon.
    Hope that this helps.

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