Notes following AGM 2016

The AGM was held and various decisions were taken regarding the future of the Society.

Basically the Florist types are now almost sadly extinct.

As far as we are aware only one grower in the British Isles has any stock and is unable to supply to members who have lost theirs.

In the light of above is was decided that the Society would in future hold shows with only one class for these types and scheduled it as any ONE bloom of florist show, fancy, or exhibition viola.To be displayed with paper collar.

(Wildegoose Nurseries-see suppliers page, sometimes have one named Exhibition Viola for sale.

The Society is trying to find a garden centre venue to hold the 2017 show and will inform members, these are people who have paid for the 2014 year, the subscription has been extended to the 2015 and current year due to being unable to offer an annual show.

This website will now concentrate on information about the perennial violas and pansies , as outlined above , easily obtained from the suppliers shown.

One huge advantage to this path forward is the might of the horticultural industry who produce millions of plants each year and develop new strains which has not been possible regarding florist types for some considerable time.

It is proposed to reprint the show schedule to have classes for pots rather than boards or vases as people do not seem these days to have the time to make show boards and prepare blooms as before.

The attachment shows just four plants purchased , from one of our suppliers in March, which would grace any show as a display of what can be achieved with just a few minutes of gardening in the spring.This would be the display in June of any year and continue if dead headed for months.

These plants were obtained in 2008 and are still alive today.

Cuttings have been taken in the years since this date.

If any viewers wish for advice etc they can contact me on this site, and I will do my best to find the answers.