Sponsored Class at Annual Show 2015

People who join for the NVPS for the very first time( by no later than the end of February 2015) will be eligible at the Annual NVPS Show on June 13th 2015 at Bridgnorth, to compete in the Novice Section this year with just one pot of any named pansy or viola, and win money prizes .

Thanks to sponsorship this will not cost the NVPS any money.

Prizes will be awarded for First , Second and Third, but each member can only enter one pot in this class. The Minimum First Prize will be £50. 2nd £30 and 3rd £20 .

The Novice NVPS trophy will also be awarded to the winner of the class to keep for a year. All members who have not exhibited at the National Show will be eligible for the trophy, but not the prize money which is to encourage new members.

The maximum pot size allowed is 12 inches or equivalent in metric .Plastic or clay.

The aim behind this initiative is to try to encourage new members to join and come to the Annual Show, and meet other members.

The attachments show plants, which have just arrived from one supplier . Named ,wrapped individually, and in their own pots. These are normally received in early March .

These went on to win in the open classes at the Annual Show with the minimum of time spent looking after .

Advice as to how to grow on for the show is available if needed.

Please note.

The plants will be judged for 1.Freshness of flowers and foliage ,2 Quality and quantity of open blooms ,(deadheading important )

Stems should be long enough to display the blooms well above the foliage. The whole plant should be disease and pest free,

To join the NVPS please see the about page on this website. You will receive a schedule giving the venue post code etc, and time for staging (placing the pot on a bench with an exhibitors card supplied, and name card for your entry. that’s all there is to it.


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