Progress of seedlings and simple way of taking cuttings

The first attachment shows seedlings , from seeds gathered from hand pollinated violas this summer. They were potted on a few weeks ago into these trays.

They have only been under cover once, when torrential rain was forecast.

These will be allowed to flower in the trays in the spring. Then any deemed an improvement, on those already in existence, will be potted on for further work. So far three plants have got blooms showing colour!!!!l

The second attachment shows at least 18 Helen Cochrane ( pure white exhibition viola ) cuttings, which have rooted. New growth in the head is a almost certain indicator, but with this number it is ok to remove some to check that roots are present, and then return cutting to original spot.

In seven years of taking cuttings this has got to be the easiest and quickest ,cheapest and most natural preparation method ever.

The secret is the time that you take them in the growing year.

I am sure that this method would work for all sorts of other plants.

The cuttings were taken from just one plant-all shoots, including tip ones ,were put into the area the plant occupied, this was about five weeks ago . Just placed finger into the soil ( which had had silver sand added ) ,and then dropped cutting into hole about an inch or so , and gently firmed the soil immediately around the stem, watered after a week or so, but nothing else done to them.

Both photos taken 15th November.2014

It will be interesting to see how they get on, come next spring, when I will space them out .


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