Self sown cornuta aka horned pansy

This delightfully fragrant seedling CORNUTA just appeared after a year or more of any CORNUTA plants being in this bed. Flowers are way past exhibition standard, but still a joy to see each morning with its main strength being the scent ,which hits your nose as you bend over the plant to deadhead .This is the strongest scented that I have met in seven years of growing this genus.

I must admit that this one self sown plant has given me the most enjoyment of any plant that I have ever grown .

It seems to welcome me no matter what my mood and cheers me up being so fresh each day.

It has flowered nonstop since early May, and will probably go right through the year until the light levels and depth of winter slow it down as still loads of new blooms forming (now second week in October ) .Cornutas will take minus 17f easily .Originally from the mountains of France, one of the parents, gives it this seemingly indestructible ability to cope with low temperatures.

The only downside for pot work is that it can be a little wild and unruly ,a reminder perhaps to gardeners to plant it in beds .

I have rooted three cuttings from it so far, but imagine division in the spring will provide dozens more, and obtained seven ripe seed (bee’s effort ) , I nearly missed the pod as it had half opened and some seed were spilt onto the surrounding earth. Will keep an eye out for some new seedlings perhaps in the spring.

The only thing missing is a name to give this plant. A girl’s or something to reflect its gorgeous scent perhaps ?

Any ideas just put them on the comment space below please.


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