An easier way to produce new plants

These attachment show ways in which, in minutes ,one can start the process of obtaining new plants.

The first shows where the original parent plant was (bamboo cane ) and then the rooted slips in the same pot.

Keeps everything simple. The clematis net is keeping blackbirds off the friable surface where they love to dig for worms etc.

The second shows lots of rooted slips replacing the original plant.

How to achieve this process

Ideally one should put an equal mix of silver sand and peat around the base of stems of plants in August about four inches deep. This means by late September to early October lots of rooted basal shoot slips are available, (The plants growing point tip is stopped at the same time as mixture placed round the plants, which encourages the formation of lots of basal stems)

I am sure that if this procedure was done early February. then by late March lots of fresh basal shoots would be available but perhaps a little late for show work but fine for increasing garden stock.

The plant is now removed from its position, and all rooted basal stem slips removed ,and just placed into the original sand and peat mixture scattered around leaving the plant position in the centre clear of any rooted slips.Labels should still be in place and providing the plant healthy then position of these “cuttings” should suit as much like the parent as is possible regarding drainage light shade etc.

By spring most will have produced reasonable plants for bedding out, Early March.


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