Good Colour tones plus seedlings

First attachment is of a Lesley Keay Exhibition viola with perhaps the best margin tone I have ever seen ,unprepared for showing the top petals damage would downpoint, and the other attachments of just under 400 hand crossed seedlings nearly four weeks and then six weeks from sowing. Five failed to germinate out of 48 sown. Although in other trays some have just started to germinate some six weeks from sowing .

In another week I will have put into seed trays, eight to a tray, for planting the whole tray out into beds as per last year, then any good ones, following flowering, removed and potted up. This was tried last year and was a huge success saving time during the spring and busiest planting period.

The method used for sowing was just made up as I went along- seeds from each distinctive cross were placed into a white small, but shallow dish, then one seed placed under my right thumb finger nail held there by the tip of my right thumb , and then removed with the first finger nail and thumb of my left hand.

The seed was then carefully put individually into a cell until all had one seed each. About two second per seed.

I had tried to pick up individual seed with finger and thumb. but with very little success .They need to be separated and held firmly, the nail achieved just this.

I will try to put some photos on this site next week to demonstrate how this works.Perhaps I can call it the “Wells” seed sowing method .

I must have spent a fortune on seeders , but in the end (as ever) simple thing works best. I am sure it could be used for single sowing on many other fiddly seeds of about the same size as violas.


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