Update on cuttings

Some good some moderate and some poor.

They have all taken, rooted, as freshness and upper growth shows.

The third attachment , and the worst , was the one I used vermiculite instead of sharp sand( and also a different method of applying the root forming auxin enhancer), in the mix. Also the root trainers were of the smaller sort.

The many misses are one’s removed by me ,when it became obvious that they had not taken. You soon get to know .

These are now a bit too far forward for my liking, but I will try to work out a way to keep them growing until next February ,when I will plant them into either the ground or containers for show work.

My main problem at present is (on later cuttings) Red Spider Mite, but after a lot of trial ,and error now manage to eradicate within a week .This is in the greenhouse, and is the method used by commercial growers of all sorts of crops, but available to the public.

It works 100% every time without spraying . Its brilliant. Kills eggs also.


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