Trying to find healthy side shoots for cloning really good plants for next year’s shows can be a worrying problem.

Sometimes it can be frustrating looking for basal shoots hiding in the overgrown jungle of stems.

However a solution may be found to cheer one’s heart, and this is by stopping chosen stock plants (just snap off the growing points).

I have yet to hear the plants cry out in pain, but they might have another way of shouting.

What this decapitation does is encourage more shoots to appear.

Within a few week’s your expectant eyes should note the plant has started to produce a side shoot at each leaf joint from about half way up each stem.

Now hope springs forth in the cloner’s mind.

These new shoots be taken for cuttings when you decide they are long enough, sometimes plants differ in strength of growth after stopping ,and if they are a few inches long with a couple of nodes on each they will suffice.

Make sure any cuttings are placed in poly bags until you are ready to prepare them for striking. Remember once cut they are in the process of dying so speed at getting them into intensive care of a moist medium will hope to ensure recovery and the base of each cutting to start to produce root cells ASP.

You may wish to try many methods of preparation .

My next post will show how I ,by trial and error, manage to keep enough plants for each season by cloning.


This stem was stopped a few weeks ago, and is now producing strong stocky side shoots, which in a few weeks’ time should be suitable for cuttings for plants next year.


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