Progress of seedlings

The first attachment is of seedlings that were grown in a standard seed tray all winter in the greenhouse, about eight plants per tray.

They were planted out by tipping the whole tray out into a small depression and just left to get on with it.

The second and third attachment show these ex-seed trays flowering.

This method has paid off because instead of potting up into individual pots to see what has come out it has been easy just to select the very best and leave the rest.

The last attachment shows a brand new colour a bi-coloured show pansy .The purple top two petals are not very clear on the attachment.

It still needs a lot of improvement, but it is not a combination that I have seen before.

I have another bi-coloured show pansy seedling ,which has a much more yellow face, but the same purple top petals.

I intend to try to cross the both together soon.

So far out of eight trays (64 plants) only a eight have been selected to grow on in pots.

By this close planting the plants have flowered much sooner than if they had been in individual pots.

For next year I have different plans to make growing on selected plants much easier, but that can wait for now.


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