Official website for the nvps – Nearly ready-

Thought long and hard about how to grown the eight trays of seedlings and decided would just plant the trays out as they were. Normally place each into individual pots.

The deep raised beds are quite friable even though they must have had swimming pools of rain water. The middle bed contain cat deterrent posts etc plus an old windsurfing mast last used in the late 90’s see comments below about life of plastic.

Some of my favourite veg ,garlic ,growing away in the top near the greenhouse.

Plus factors- quickness of planting-minimum root disturbance ,easy to hoe around each planted tray, will keep plants compact, early flowering, easy to spray time wise.

Cons-possible stunting of growth due to competition –easy for pests to move through and hide-likewise leaf diseases , perhaps more to be discovered.

The second attachment shows how the raised bed principle can be achieved with large sawn plastic drums.

The fact that they do not rot at all unlike some of my wooden ones which now need replacing more than makes up for a little lack of growing area/


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