Coping with the heat

At present the plants in the raised beds ,are just about surviving, no watering given, as in the past watering beds in heat, the stems have just rotted with disaster.

Also always water if you decide to do so in the morning giving the leaves chance to dry before nightfall.

Mildew is everywhere.

This post was drafted a few days ago and in desperation I have now watered but not over the plants or anywhere near the stems.

Fingers crossed but will no doubt lose a lot.

I have pots containing duplicate cultivars ,and these are much easier to keep going, but even so a lot of time is spent doing so.

An earlier post entitled “hot tub for plants” refers. July 21st 2011.It gives full instructions and I now use this method 100% and have not lost a plant.

Just watering without soaking once the peat has dried out is next to useless.

Ensure that all the air bubbles out of the pot.

As soon as you take the pot out of the water tub you will by doing so force air back into the compost.

Job done for a few days.

Also you will soon be able to judge by the weight when the pot needs “tubbing” again.


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