Many years ago in the 18th Cent breeders introduced a new race of pansies(violas)which were very different to the growth of the show and Fancy exhibition sorts i.e. Florist types.

Florist show and fancy Pansies had normally just one main stem, (second attachment illustrates his point) but the new types had many stems.

An example on the attachment is shown of this sort with LOTS of stems from just one plant.

One school of thought wanted to call these many stemmed types “tufted” for obvious reason, but the other school decided instead to call them violas.

As all pansies are violas and all violas are violas it would have been better in hindsight to use the tufted term, perhaps, for show work.

The main advantage of tufted type is that it make a much better garden flower and is also very easy to obtain cuttings from many “rooted slips “ found when dividing a mature plant.

The pure Florist Fancy and Show type with just one stem are very difficult and sometimes impossible,(but see below) to obtain rooted slips in the same way for obvious reasons. In this case the art of cloning or making true cutting has to be employed by the grower.

A way may seem to exist to replicate production of rooted slips on even these types, but work is in progress this year to see if it can be done.

July and August will be the start of the experiment ,expecting rooted shoots in September.


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