Bought at a local Much Wenlock Market

At the AGM I spied a tray of four bedders for sale.

Three blooms are shown along with a FP.

They have many obvious show bench faults, but might introduce some new colour breaks into my breeding so I have used pollen from two onto Florist Violas..

Will take another year to observe whether venture produces anything worthwhile.


6 thoughts on “Bought at a local Much Wenlock Market

    • Thanks Malcolm, The purchase of these plants has been a good investment as the older Florist types have been so inbred that few if any are providing pollen. Whereas the bought in ones has loads of pollen and are I suspect far more healthy than some of the tired very old types that Society members have to breed from. It is ok trying to keep the genes but when the parents have become pensioners in the plant world then I doubt that they would be good parents.

  1. Thanks and for your reply to SPVA hope all goes well with seedlings when you get them, and if you going to National show might even send you an entry or 2, after failing my driving I certainly won”t this year but still potter about, physics going to give me month or 2 off at end of this month so will tidy and resurrect what that useless gardener didn’t”t kill off

    • Sorry to hear that you are still not able to drive due to illness join the club !!! I would suggest that if you have any blooms that you ask Wullie to collect from you and take them with him to stage for you.He has told Mal Francis that he is coming down to the show. Sending flowers in the post is fraught with danger if you want good condition.

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