Whilst not of show standard form both have good points and as these are the very first blooms the next ones to open from these plants should be very much better.

Whilst these were opening without protection frost, gales and rain have not helped keep their petals in pristine condition.

The first is a Sues Choice crossed with a John Snocken “brown” seedling a bloom of which I showed in a winning three bloom Florist class at the National last year, one Fancy Pansy, One Florist Exhibition, and one Florist show pansy.

All staged in one container.

The idea being that members of the public would be able to see the differences between each which is large.

The second attachment is a Sahin seedling crossed with Gladys Hughes (raised by John Snocken) then crossed the following time with Sues Choice

To try to improve the form of the bottom petal( according to John’s notes on the parentage.)

Sue’s Choice has a deep broad bottom petal hence its use in hybridising.


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