Experimenting with garlic ( hopefully to be replicated in pansies) showing roots after only four weeks of planting

A material that I have discovered for producing strong roots after only four weeks on cloves grown outside in December.

The third attachment shows a pot planted out growing away.

The fourth the material which has a 5-5-5 impregnated fertiliser, which the roots seem to love, being placed in the bottom of the container.

The rolls comes in scissor cutting wide widths and long rolls, which means each pot only costs micro pennies to fertilise. The paper bio- degrades in a growing season (six months on average).

On some pots of pansy’s etc which needed re potting I have just tipped the ball of the plant out of the pot and placed a circle of bio degraded able moistened paper and off they go again. Very simple and easy .

Can be done many times in a season if needs be .

Being able to see the roots tips as they protrude through the drainage holes is an advantage when deciding to replace circles.


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