Eager Anticipation from new germination method. Moist kitchen paper


Late this year I placed all my unsown show pansy seed, bee crossed,  onto wet kitchen paper placed into a freezer bag(after folding the paper a couple of times) and put into a kitchen cupboard.

This is the only one that germinated all the others rotted. However I have found this to be the very best for germinating chillie peppers and tomato,melon,sweet corn seed that I have ever tried

You can check if germination has taken place and decide when you want to pot these new plants up.

I have had great results  nearly always 100 %, using no compost and just a kitchen cupboard. Moisture is determined by the grower and can be adjusted.

If any rots occur (only ever happened  on the pansy seed), then IMO it is because of bacterial contamination of the seed.

Working on the principle that only the strongest survive I have nurtured this plant on and await with curiosity to see what flowers, colour and form (shape) etc are produced.

Who knows they could go on show at the Society’s Annual Show in June of next year.

The plant’s form is typical show pansy and looking quite promising for cuttings if needed.

Will post later what turns up.


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