Difference between rooted slips"Irishman’s cutting" and stem shoot cuttings

This post shows an example of the difference between a “rooted” slip,( Irishman’s cutting) and a cutting   taken from a shoot  emerging from a  stem .From the same plant at the same time.

The first method produced a weaker plant, but  of course was much easier, and is the more certain method for the beginner, however the second  needs  propagation skills, and in some cases, equipment, but the end result justifies the care and cost needed as a strong multi stemmed plant results, which will give the grower a much better chance in shows of having top class blooms.

In conclusion: the first method can be employed for bedders  especially violas (Garden centre types) but the second   method should be used for the exclusive named unique  Florist types.

Normally only available to members of this society.

Sometimes Florist’s do not produce any or very few Irishman’s cuttings as some members have discovered and they are at a loss to increase their own stock and have to rely on more experienced dedicated growers to offer these for sale at the AGM, other society meetings and shows.

The mother plant  was a two year old florist pansy named Sue’s Choice. Raised by Ian Pickup of Bristol some many years ago.(second attachment)This is from a self of Annie Roberts which itself originated from Peggy Brookes and a unnamed non florist pansy .According to records that I hold in care for the society.



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