How cold weather can cause loss of colour

First attachment is of a show pansy called Blackfauld’s Gem.


(second attachment shows true colour)


The belt should be a complete one, as shown on the second attachment, but for a while (this was taken on 7th May this year)most of the belting colour was lost ,


Later blooms reverted back to the correct colours.


This happens on some Florist types, perhaps because they are very different to the ones sold in the Garden Centres, I suspect it has something to do with their aged genes, most are over fifty years old since they were introduced into cultivation.


Any further ideas appreciated.



One thought on “How cold weather can cause loss of colour

  1. how very true. This plant is one of the best Show Pansies but great for later shows (September) but can look really iffy in spring / early summer. Don’t expect the best until later in the year, well worth regularly disbudding to keep growth going and hopefully it will provide cuttings because there are very, very few of us admit to having it.

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