Seed germinated to produce NEW Fancy Pansy flowers for 2013 season






Following the last post concerning cuttings and knowing  that  many, many, millions of pansy’s/viola plants are sold in the uk every year realised that cloning is very much for enthusiasts who have lots of spare time to dedicate to the subject.



Another way of obtaining plants is of course by buying packets of seeds .


Florist type hybridised seed is not available to buy.


These seedlings only a few days old,  but are looking strong if the seed leaves are  any indication of what the future might bring.


The true leaf on  some of the seedlings are now visible. Many have not germinated as some of the Florist types have with age become able to set seed but  it is not viable

Some of the Florist types are over 70 years in age .


They are not true to seed being in the main hybrids originally so cloning or root division is the only way of keeping them going.


These are a result of hand crossing keeping the bees away to ensure known crosses are made and recorded.


It is a bit like a lottery, hybridising, wishing for a major prize(improvement on existing ones) which may never be yours.



Someone once said that hybridising was like PAINTING WITH POLLEN which perhaps is a good way to explain the attraction of this time consuming hobby.


One thought on “Seed germinated to produce NEW Fancy Pansy flowers for 2013 season

  1. sure looking good, unfortunately as you will know might be nice plants with attractive flowers but if you are lucky 1 might just be a decent florists one hope for the best and will try to get to National next year

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