After only a few days in the hydropod-aeroponic cloner

Please see the previous post on this subject.

These attachment show the first roots after only a few days. It does not seem a lot of root, but just the magic of new root  is stimulating. Will give them another two weeks or so to get many more roots.

They seem to grow very quickly and these roots are only two days old from emergence from the stem.

The clones are now being fed a dilute hydroponic feed every week straight into the water pumped onto the roots, which also get a constant supply of oxygenated water from the pump..

At present All, but two out of twenty have roots, and these two have “nodes” starting to swell.

I have also replaced two which rotted below the node. They would have probably rooted but a little worried about hygiene.

This much better than previous attempts ,now comes the task of planting them up in soil, but I shall experiment with some ideas regarding amendment to the basic compost.

Inclusion of vermiculite and perlite perhaps.

Members have expressed  an opinion that these are “water” roots and are not as good as “normal “ ones.

IMO these are roots and the grower has far more control over the cutting examining daily from top to bottom and ensuring healthy roots and also able to feed more confidently than with cuttings in soil.

Plus the roots are very clean with no disease that I can observe.



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