Trial of commercial hydro propagator for producing cuttings


A couple of years ago I tried to obtain cuttings using one of these  but it did not work very well, I think because my water supply was much too alkaline, since then we have had a  water softener fitted to our  water supply.

I gave the original  machine to the NVPS for members to try out. Not heard back so unsure whether they had any success.

The cuttings sit in individual lattice plastic  baskets and are sprayed with a fine continuous oxygenated jet  from below, and roots are visible within days .

They appear as small swellings and then develop into roots. It’s fascinating to watch.

Once roots appear a two part hydroponic feed is used.

Advantages seem to be that you can see the roots form.

The top tray is removable and roots can be seen from underneath.

I have included a heater to give a constant 21 degree temp day and night.

  Currently at day six and  first root visible. Only on one cutting so far.

Most advice is to expect between day eight and twelve for roots to emerge.


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