Cuttings soaking


Yesterday morning I took these cuttings-  about 100 or so- in twenty minutes and placed them as taken, into cut off plastic cups for 48 hours.

This means the cuttings are fully charged with moisture as being without roots for some time they need to be at their freshest,

Also the natural root auxins will be moving down from the leaves to the cut surface hour by hour.

The picture shows cuttings with LABELS today 24 hours later.

Have found by soaking  for this length of time the cuttings are firm, and turgid with stems leaves etc fresh. Also sprayed with insecticide nine days ago- very important as cuttings once in propagator become ideal home for adult aphids  or red spider ,eggs can hatch however and a constant watch needs to be kept and action taken if needs be.

From experience this is the red spiders optimum time to wreak havoc.

If one is observant-daily- the top leaves of cuttings in the propagator will soon show signs of curling /distortion etc and one could then spray but better to deal with before insertion.

All cuttings are from the base or side shoots.

Some others I took two weeks ago have rooted with fresh new leaves (normally indicating roots are forming or have formed) tugging gently on the top leaves and feeling for resistance also is a different method to confirm whether roots are present but IMO this can sometimes mislead depending on how firm the compost is around the cutting.


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