Mechanics of hybridising

Select two cultivars to cross ,checking that pollen is present and stigma viscid(sticky), carefully take off the bottom petal.(attachment 1 )

These must have been isolated from bees from the time they commence to open, for obvious reasons, to prevent unwanted fertilisation. The stigma becomes receptive before the flower is fully open normally,

Then place some pollen, removed from the bottom petal” hairs” of the second plant’s bloom, into the hollow cleft of the other stigma.(attachment 2 ).Various methods can be employed to achieve this and a magnifying glass certainly helps to check this operation has been carried out to the best of your ability.

Finally record which is the pollen giver and which will be the seed bearer and tie round stem of crossed flower.(attachment 3)This one refers to a later cross.

Isolate the crossed bloom from any bees etc. Until  a enlarging seed capsule is present, about 14 days in good conditions.

The seed capsule after only a few weeks. (attachment 4)The stigma can still be seen at the top of the capsule.

Not every cross will produce fertile seed -timing as in life itself is everything !!!!

This method can be used for any violas,pansies,violettas or panolas obtained from any garden centre to try to create new colours,types etc by anyone with an interest and just a few minutes time.




2 thoughts on “Mechanics of hybridising

  1. You are ignoring the infertility of some varieties (for example Maggie Mott which may have lost its ability to reproduce through age, much in the way that pelargoniums do, though they acheive this in a relatively short passage of time – just think how far down the length of stem your plant is, which has been growing since near the beginning of the 20th century)Not all of these have the same chromosome count… they are not all the same. Good knowledge of the parentage of the crosses helps. Panolas by the way are a marketing ploy and they are probably as close to being like that ever so succesful seed raised series the "Universal" pansy. You should not be trying to cross Panolas with bedding violas etc, though have met the breeder, he is an awesome guy. Scot is behind the Sorbet XP, Panola and Matrix series. Colours in those series change for the better but also in time the F1 vigour disappears so that has to be replaced. Great to see some of the new colours, as well as the improved, arrive in the series, having been involved with the UK commercial trials a few years backAs far as seed raised pansies go, matrix is by far the best. Excellent resistance to downy mildew and perhaps shouldnt be called a pansy as it has stoloniferous tendencies

  2. I’m surprised to read that Sorbet violas are F1 hybrids. Someone bought me a box of 6 and a box of 20. The plants all look different, some almost like the wild pansy, others nearly circular with taller stems. I always understood that F1 hybrids were of uniform habit and that the flowers, even if of different colours, were similar in type.

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