What’s the difference between a Pansy and Viola


Botanically -nothing !!


An interesting piece of history from the Society archives ,recently forwarded to me by a long standing member of the NPVS.


I am not sure that I agree about the comments on the rays.


It should be remembered in the end that all pansies are violas ,and all violas are violas. 


The terms ( VIOLET and SILK -right hand side last note on the page showing blooms) belong almost exclusively to Exhibition Florist Pansy and Exhibition Viola  blooms but sadly not  bedders.


The attachments of blooms show a picture of Sue’s Choice(Fancy Pansy) illustrating the blotches and the second of Hugh Cambell  the ray less (Exhibition Viola) for comparison.





3 thoughts on “What’s the difference between a Pansy and Viola

  1. Try Pansy being single stemmed while bedding violas, cornutas and violettas are stoloniferous. All belong to the genus viola of course and section Melanium. It is the complete confusion that arises from the breeding companies… who often call there viola series "V.cornuta" which is bunkam…. as they could not be further from a cornuta if they tried! Shame Kees Sahin is not still alive, as he could talk the hind leg off a donkey on the subject and very amusingly to boot.

  2. Speaking of confusion, I have two different violas called ‘Etain’, from two different nurseries. On the website of the old Pansy and Viola Society I see that some plants sold as ‘Etain’ were possibly ‘Elizabeth’, although I cannot find much in the way of images of this variety. Does anyone know any more about this?

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