2011 seedling VIOLETTA’s

These are two natural crosses that I am growing on to( hopefully)  exhibit at the National show in June 2012 at Bridgenorth.

The first blue edged and the second yellow.

I suspect that they were the result of a plant of “ Little David”(cream coloured violetta) crossed with” Ivory Queen” ( creamy bedding viola) perhaps by some foraging bee.

They look better in real time rather than in the poor quality  photo’s.

Their STRONG SCENT, a  MUST HAVE   for all true  VIOLETTAS to distinguish them from bedding violas(garden centre offerings), is VERY PRONOUNCED. It is an absolute treat to breathe in their distinctive perfume.

Much more subtle than a sweet pea or rose.IMO




2 thoughts on “2011 seedling VIOLETTA’s

  1. Definetly look good great to see the progress being made hope everybody else keeps new seedlings going and manages an entry at a show

  2. You can not cross a true violetta with a bedding viola… wrong chromosome counts unless you are using colchicine (violetta is normally raised by crossing V.cornutas with bedding violas using colchicine)

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