This is a  photo of a photograph taken by John Snocken for the National Viola and Pansy Society. showing the very first Rebecca.

This cultivar was raised by R.G.Cawthorne.

This should be compared to the second photo which now seems to be the common colouring and has little in common with the original IMO.



4 thoughts on “Photograph OF THE ORIGINAL VIOLETTA REBECCA

  1. If you knew about the breeding of Rebecca, then you would know that the photograph you have is faded or taken in some strange light. A piece of insight. Rebecca is a sport of Boy Blue and sometimes reverts… and I know, as the Great Man, Richard Cawthorne, let me in on its discovery. Contrary to views from Mark Roberts, it does not come true from seed, although he once used to sell seed. Variations in Violetta Rebecca you see today may well be down to this misconception. However, Rebecca in Garden Centres tends to be true as the raisers of the plugs which growers use have the true Rebecca, as illustrated in your second photo.

  2. Thanks very much for your information and I will bring your comments to the attention of John Snocken ,who at last years National informed me about the sport connection with Blue Boy ,but was quite adament that the colour of the original was much more "yellow" than the cultivar distributed today.Even the Rebeccas on the show bench were two shades of blue . .One very dark and the other much lighter.It will be interesting to hear John’s comments/opinion, but thanks who ever you are for rersponding.Communication is what the Society needs as does this website.

  3. yes I agree and have mentioned in the past how good Rebecca is and I’ve also grown it for years, photo’s in whatever light can be a little distorted colour-wise, John’s older one shows more yellow than I ever saw but Rebecca is still about the best violetta ever grown, but you can get a bit of reversion in a bad year or fully shady area please get in touch again and give us all a little more info, whenever time suits

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