Rebecca -please see recent post on this site. An example of a case of mistaken identity.


A recent post made reference to Violeta’s especially Rebecca-

if you look at the second attachment, below, this shows a distinct colour variation at the 2010 Annual show with at least two distinct colours in a class expressly for this named cultivar .

 Compost and growing temperatures can change the flower’s colouring, but not to this extent so unless standards of purity are maintained by propagators then this is the inevitable result .

If however members do not know what the correct colour should be in the first place, then it is impossible to prevent a mix up.

The next post,on this site, will show the original colour of Rebecca,  from a photo from taken by  John Snocken for the Society, 

This when Rebecca was introduced to the horticultural world and you will see that the original colouring has been lost when compared to those being marketed now. 

Sadly this example is not the only one.

For example both Mima Walker ,Exhibition Viola,  and Tom, Show Pansy. have gone their own way  in size, colour and form in the last couple of years.







One thought on “Rebecca -please see recent post on this site. An example of a case of mistaken identity.

  1. Rebecca always was since its introduction the best violetta, unfortunately as I’ve said before to many people Garden Centres etc just label plants with similar colouring as being the plant an advantage of joining the society or a wee order or 2 to the approved nurseries listed on this web-site

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