Violetta REBECCA divisions now making new growth


Recently on this site I recorded some divisions of mature plants-the new growths can now be seen- indicating all is well.

If I had trimmed the long shoots earlier as is often advised, I feel that these divisions would end up too advanced for next year’s shows.

Last year all of my plants in pots were at past their best some four weeks before the National although luckily they  managed not to be beaten. This year they should be of a better standard.

I am hoping that leaving these old shots for a longer time will  hold them back, however weather will play an important part in all of this.

Ideally pots in different stages of growth are the aim for show work, but of course a lot more time and maintenance is needed to achieve this target.

All plants are now subjected to a weekly,  organic , spray for control of pests and fungus plus a tonic feed combined. The health and colour of the new shoots seem to illustrate the benefits of the feed part of this product .

The cost is pennies to spray some 100’s of pots and garden plants each week.


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