Rockwool showing roots developing. Most strange

These attachments give an understanding of how cuttings can root in just air- thanks to the Rock wool ?

Rooting in the air ,and light which is present for 16 hours every day in the Dew Point propagator.

I?? have found in the past the roots have come through the rock wool and never appeared like this before. At first on seeing this “white “ I thought it was mould but they are definitely roots and potentially lots of them.

Again everything informs the seeker on the internet etc that roots do not like light.!!! They have taken 16 days to get to this stage.

Some of the same have not rooted which begs the question why? Same conditions exactly, and from the same parent ,same type of cutting. It might explain why 100% is rarely achieved. These others might root given more time as they look clean and still green.

The second attachment shows new tiny bumps which will be roots coming from the actual stem along with those roots already- lower down.

The cubes have been pre- conditioned with Gold master APS to reduce the ph.?? and also provide some feed.Clonex was used as was scraping the bottom ?? inch of the cutting.

Trying to split the stem at this level , as advised for more uptake of ??Clonex gel was a complete failure. Rotting of this portion always seems to happen.

I now intend to experiment with rooting these small rooted cuttings into a special homemade mix consisting of a small amount of sharp horticultural sand,perlite ,vermiculite and some home produced worm castings from my wormeries.



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