Florist Fancy, Show and Exhibition Viola cuttings update.

Attachment 1. Is showing cuttings taken and soaked in plain water for 24 hours. Water allowed to stand for 48 hours to release chlorine. They were all sprayed with fungicide top and bottom of leaves.

Attachment 2. Is showing five inch pots filled with ready mix cutting compost , this compost  was specially purchased on the internet .Comes in multiples of one litre.

Attachment 3.Is showing three cuttings waiting to be trimmed to just below a node- with sterilised scalpel on a cutting  block .

These cuttings were then dipped into a half inch of a new type of cloning gel- as during the summer I tested it out for the first time and found it was better than anything that I had used  before for cuttings.

So good that even recognized difficult rooters rooted quickly ,and have now made strong plants of quality.

Attachment 4.Is showing pots , with cutting inserted. soaking in  tap water( left for two days to release possible  nasties ),they might take up to twenty four hours to fully take up the moisture .Best keep checking especially if compost very dry when inserting cuttings. Weight rather than damp top is a key.

These will then be placed on a heat mat at 20c in the greenhouse. Hopefully in about four weeks they should be rooted and  then await potting on.



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