Saving Florist seed

The sequence of attachments is seed capsule and details on label of  cross .

In this case H H Hodge ( Lemon yellow edged blue), and Helen Cochrane( White).Both are Exhibition Violas.

The other comments, on the label, refer to the number of petals in which pollen was taken from( three),the amount of pollen(nm=not much, also the date of cross.(not visible.)

The second attachment shows four seeds( of an earlier cross) at the bottom of the bag- just under the blue label.

The next enjoyable exercise will be to sort out the seed, placed in brown paper bags(third attachment) and make preparations for sowing  and working out whether to sow in trays  ,pots or in the open ground , how to record each cross,etc

Type of compost to be used ,sowing date ,and so on.

Another chapter in this year’s growing and  spurred on by the anticipation of what might be the result next year!!



One thought on “Saving Florist seed

  1. many thanks you still doing wonderful things, wish to hell I could anyway operation next week even physiotherapist says I worse now than when I first met her. If you needing any varieties let me know urgently, Wullie coming 2moro and will get a plant or 2 and will help me do a parcel for John S <br/>Anyway after next couple of days I be bed bound for a few weeks, so no more shows or ought this year hope to hell I’m at least fit enough to manage down to B next year

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