New viola colour nearly missed.

Recently someone who was helping me weed half pulled up the viola pictured in attachment 1.


A few weeks later I was checking regrowth of area weeded, and discovered the what was left of the plant(not much )  but had in the meantime produced its first flower. Attachment two.


The main reason for my interest was in the unusual colouring of the petals.

I feel sure that I can work with this plant, if I can propagate it, to improve the very poor form  next year , with the intention of keeping the colour and/or improving  it.


Time will tell, but it shows that sometimes that it might be better not to weed even if the plant is growing in the wrong position until it has flowered.


I have removed surrounding plants, given a little powdered fertiliser,  and filled in with some horticultural gravel to try to keep the little thing going.


A sad  postscript, I later removed plant and tried to give it some TLC but unfortunately it decided not to respond and so is no more !!!!



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