Seed capsule visable,and end velvety result

The first and second attachments are of hand crosses made on 16th June 2011 , it is now 28th June when photos taken, and quite clearly the breeding has been a success.

The second attachment is of a hand cross using a Florist show pansy Mary Kerr(raised by William Wallace) as the seed producer  and the last petal can be seen still attached-just!!

The seed pods will need to be examined daily as they near ripeness to ensure that they are removed and stored carefully in paper bags to contain the seed before it is explosively released.(In nature this ensures that the seed are thrown away from the parent, and therefore have hopefully a new area of ground in which to grow and develop).Some breeders use muslin bags etc placed over the bloom to prevent loss.

A good sign of near ripeness is when the seed pod has straightened on the stalk. Prior to ripening it hangs down, but when straight then the dispersal of seeds away from the seed capsule is better achieved. Nature again getting it right!!

The third is of a seedling from a 2011 cross and IMO worth taking some cuttings from later in the season and then growing on with care and attention to maximise bloom.

The photo was taken following two days of 27oC heat, hottest days of the year so far, and the plant does look a little stressed, as Pansies do not do well in this heat ,hence the heavy mulch( a second one this year so far) .

Watering in  these conditions to plants grown in the soil seems to produce a type of stem rot bit like blight on tomatoes and potatoes, but can result in the total loss of plants. Be warned!!

Rain does not seem to imitate these results, food for thought perhaps. Cold water out of hose,ph to high, and so on.



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