Florist violas and beginnings of a dark self show pansy

Again a few more 2010 crosses coming to fruition.


The show pansy still has small blotches otherwise it might qualify for being classified as a dark self.(more work needed)but velvety lower petals a bonus.

The violas set very little seed last year  but I fell that “H.H.HODGE” and possibly” WILLIAM FIFE” were the parents of the yellow and the latter, of the Blue Grey?


I sorted all the saved seed up and  sowed in three large pots The first for Exhibition Violas, the second for Exhibition Fancy pansys,and the last for Florist show pansys.Therby leading to a guessing game as to which belonged to which parents, though all were hand crossed.


I preferred to let  germination be governed by nature, and I was still getting sparse germination in Jan/ Feb outside in the pots left following pricking out of the early seedlings in November .The dark show pansy type was a very late germinator hence only just flowering this week.



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