An update on crocking experiment

In a previous post I reasoned that the material used for crocking with fertiliser integral in the product, would give the roots a rocket start, and nice to see that I was right

Attachment one is looking at the base of the plant just knocked out of its pot. The second attachment looking at the side of the plants roots.

The material used has broken down but can still be seen ,the brown remants.

The space top centre and bottom right are where the drainage holes were in the pot.



One thought on “An update on crocking experiment

  1. Good to see you still doing well, your Blackfaulds Gem could help you win a trophy or 3 at the National, I hope to send JS a little box with an entry or 2 but Show Pansies all a bit weather worn so definetly none of them going I had a bad week or 2 but hopefully will continue to do better, Doctor says I should get operation to rebuild my right knee, pity left side (shoulder downward) all a bit knacked, anyway we were up in Edinburgh and met the Q.C.s who will be dealing with my case, they said just wait till after the op, so maybe a little progress but life still involves too many therapists and lawyers, and I stuck with w/c

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