How extremes of heat can affect colour in pansies.

Looking at some first open on young plants  flowers some weeks ago, I noticed what seems like a SPORT from a cultivar that I had propagated from a cutting of the original seedling.

The parent plant was a cross from Blackfaulds Gem flower, which is shown in the first attachment. This plant is growing next to the SPORT. Same size pot same compost etc.

Not one of ,many, propagated plants have any  markings like the one shown and  are, as one would suspect exact clones. 

All of the flowers on the SPORT  were the same except new  ones did not show even  any flecks etc and were light  yellow with the top two petals exactly the same colour.


I now  think the hot weather has caused this, as now the weather has cooled these have got the edging back, and is not a SPORT after all.

Why just one pot should exhibit this trait I do not know as all cuttings came from one plant .



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