Never seen before on this Earth.

First flowers from seedlings sown in late September 2010.

These are a very small selection, which have just come into bloom.

The first shows an Annie Roberts (exhibition fancy pansy)bottom three petals but a much different top two.

The second some different colouring possibly from Glady’s Hughes (efp)

The third a John Powell (efp)relative ?

First blooms always IMO get better as the growing conditions are more conducive to rapid growth and vagaries of the weather, cold –frost etc which damage petal structure are absent. 

I have another forty to check on when they bloom.

It’s a bit  like opening presents,waiting for the bud to open, when you do not know what the parcel(flower bud) will reveal.



One thought on “Never seen before on this Earth.

  1. They look very promising to me particularly 1 & 3, possibly 2 will improve wi time, Hughes always was a little iffy thickness n quality of petals very eratic if your lucky can be excellent for show but more often were great before or just after a show.

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