A familiar problem

Some Florist cultivars have been propagated and named by raisers in years gone by and sometimes indentifying which is which causes problems.

Two examples are shown ,one it is thought is Mima Walker-a very common exhibition viola the other could also be named Mina Walker but as both flowers are fully open and have been grown in the open side by side they are very different.

If only years ago raisers had photographed their floral offspring a data base would be available for anyone to indentify.

Years ago in the sweet pea world- cultivars were not brought into cultivation if “THEY WERE TOO MUCH ALIKE”.

The show pansy ,especially the yellow self’s cause confusion and Tom(popular show cultivar) now has quite a few masquerading, but the standards if strictly  applied by show judge’s- should ensure only genuine Tom’ are recognized, and hybrid yellow self’s normally with much larger blooms and blotches do not surpass the original.



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