A way to water your pansies,violas,etc in pots whilst on holiday- for at least seven days

Going on holiday always leaves one with the worry as to whether the plants in POTS will survive your absence.

If no one available to take your place as guardian.


The solution this year, albeit with tomatoes freshly potted on, was to devise a form of homemade capillary watering.

The first shows the idea and the second shows how moisture is evident at the top of the pots.

The holiday lasted nearly a week ,and even though the pots were small the plants in a hot greenhouse,lots of sunny days, all grew well and were not stressed on my return.


nb. the white electric heater visable is used with just the fan running to circulate the air around the greenhouse during very high temps. 


Invetigating ideas on the internet about capillary watering- it seems as if a maximum height of 4 inches is about the most the mat will soak up.

A shallower tray to place the mat on ,might work even better, than the ones I used.


Trial and error before you leave your plants for a break would IMO be sensible, to ensure peace of mind.


Most garden centres sell the matting, and  the long gravel trays.


I have tried this method to root  Florist pansy ,viola, cuttings to prevent excess moisture rotting the cuttings as sometimes can happen, but the jury is still out on this one!!



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