Another use for BIOROLL to solve a crocking problem- a simple idea!!

I had a problem of finding a way to stop the potting grit, being used as a crock, from disappearing through the large drainage holes in the pot show in attachment one.


I have used bark, clay pots broken up in the past to achieve this requirement ,but all  involved possible unsterile conditions, and in the case of clay crocks time spent washing and storing.


Having been delighted with the results of using the BIOROLL, earlier post refers, for both planting through and providing nourishment to pots standing on the mulch, I thought that this product would :-

Prevent the grit falling through, and at the same time, when the potted on ROOTS had got to the BIODEGRABLE product they would get an EXTRA feed.

As I had some of a roll left- it meant no waste.


The second attachment is of roughly cut BIOROLL, with scissors, after folding  roll first,  then pieces ready to fit inside pot,


– as shown by attachments three, four and five which is the end result, filled with multipurpose compost, using a round trug to contain any loose overfill compost, and finally planted with chilli peppers(but could be any plant including of course- pansies and violas.)


I am confident  that the plants will thrive.



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