Self seeding viola family- plants

These are pictures of self seeding plants some violets, some pansies and violas.

All germinated last year without any help from me. Perhaps a lesson on how nature needs so little to survive.

The tiny crack between the wood and paving-enough for sufficient growth. This seedling is from a Viola Sororia Rubra mother plant.

The second of a pot that was home to about six daffodils last year, but now colonised with mostly “heartease” type seedlings. The original genes coming to the fore, as the florist type genes do not seem to come out unless specifically crossed, which the parents were most definitely not. These are the end result of bees foraging for nectar.

The third was a home for another plant- before the violet seed germinated. Lots more late germinated violets coming along in the pot. Survival of the fittest I suppose.

These were all in soil frozen for three months with no protection whatsoever, but have all survived to ,eventually, produce more seeds for this year-if I let them!




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