Florist Pansy viola- New method of planting-stage one preparation

In 2009 I planted out seedlings in beds and six or so blackbirds liked my soil so much that they tossed plants aside to get to the worms.

I tried wire,balloons,etc to discourage but to no avail.

Researching the web I discovered a biodegradable paper mulch, with an added attraction that it also included within the paper, a slow release feed.

Attachment one is the bed prepared, with lots of perlite which I like to use as an amendment, roots love it for warmth and air that it provides, and it prevents the soil from compacting.

Second attachment is the mulch paper rolled out, two minutes to do this. Weighted down with some pots of plants.

Third is a magical tool, like a bulb planter, supplied by the same firm, which cuts planting circles in seconds.

Last picture is of holes cut.

The firm does supply ready cut pre-fertilised rolls as well. Cost of two rolls my size- very little.

Anyway will plant out in the morning and keep people up to date with progress, but know that the blackbirds this year will not trouble the young plants.

This mulch with feed can be used with almost anything in the garden, and seems to be just the answer for a temporary mulch.

If any member of the NPVS wants details of the supplier- my phone number is on the contacts page.



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