Florist Pansy Violas Update

The first three attachments are of plants received from Scotland, earlier post refers. Potted on as soon as they arrived and now ,only a few days later ,showing flower buds. Too early if for exhibition in bedding classes, but who can resist leaving them on just to have that first glimpse of flower and perfume, not as much as Florist  cultivars, which have more than even sweet peas in my opinion, one flower can scent the whole of a greenhouse in spring. You do not have to wait till late May as in the case of sweet peas. Florist flowers can be had 365 days a year in a heated greenhouse.

The fourth attachment shows seedlings- Florist ,crossed, Fancy Pansy- ready for planting out next week-using a brand new method-so keep watching as hopefully pictures will record the event. Remember the name WEEDGUARD BIOROLL.

The last picture is of rooted divisions (earlier post refers)-common name Irishman’s cuttings-the jury is still out on whether they will make as good plants for exhibition flowers  as proper cuttings, for the reason below.

These are show pansies Tom and Mary Kerr(in the last picture) but the parent plants were some four years old  and a few more years beside, and probably by now, full of root disease, new cuttings seem amongst other things, to have much more vigour as the roots are in fresh undiseased compost when they form , which cannot be said for rooted divisions-hence the need to take cuttings ideally on a regular basis.



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