Some photos of possibly the nearest thing to Florist Cultivars in a catalogue selling seeds


The pictures above show  flowers obtainable from seed, which whilst never meeting the  NVPS standards  of the FLORIST types, are probably easier to grow, and more importantly are much more available.However please see below.


I would guess that quite a few genes from FLORIST cultivars were involved in their breeding development, this can also be seen in many  garden centre  plants.



In addition the last scan is very useful info on seed germination, eg temps- times to germination-post germination etc.



These pictures come from Malcolm Francis from Cornwall, a long standing member, who has purchased seed from this grower, and recommends it. Likewise another member John Powell, from Buxton, also speaks highly of this grower and the seed.


I have since been told by these two members that they have not been able to contact anyone in the firm following telephone calls , so not sure whether seeds are available.This contradicts my earlier statement !!!

I think the firm is based in Switzerland or Germany.




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