Another encouraging newsletter from our editor.

Members of the Society should have received the attached newsletter, but in order to encourage non members/ viewers?? to join the National Pansy Viola Society (details on contacts page) I have included SOME of the content on this site for all to share.

Please note ,I have been informed, that the Post Code for the AGM and Show is WV16 4NR and not as printed(attachment 1 refers)- if using a Sat Nav in the post code mode.

This is a new venue for the society, but still within Bridgenorth.

This welcome newsletter is the work of John Towning, assisted by his daughter. His picture is the fourth one, showing John in shirt sleeve working mode- as busy as ever- recording results to publish in his Annual at the 2007 show in Bridgenorth.

John is an infectious- very hard working- encourager. who has probably done more than most to increase membership to the NPVS in recent years.

John’s encouragement to me was possibly?? the?? reason that I joined the Society.

He always gave me help/ advice, and most importantly Florist plants, when I met him for the first time at our AGM and?? annual show.

John rang and wrote to me encouraging to join and then gave?? advice on how to grow.

Along with many other members of this friendly society, who gave me and other novices, their time and lots of help.

The newsletter also refers to a article from Malcolm( secretary of the Scottish Society)-( Malcolm’s address is on the contacts page)

This is important propagation info/ advice, and I will be publishing as a separate post shortly .

Hope to see lots of new members in April at?? the AGM to welcome them, serve tea and biscuits, and chat about these plants, and make more friends with, hopefully, lots of mutual telephone chats throughout the year. Members are ringing me up as a result of this website talking about our society and plant growing, breeding , and we now have a hub of interested growers keeping in touch and helping each other which in my mind is what belonging to a society is all about. Companionship.

It only cost ??6 for a year’s membership but that is 365 days of interest ,and new challenges and ideas, whether you wish to grow and show, or perhaps try to breed new colours , or just enjoy the growing and looking at what your efforts have produced.



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