Cuttings sent through the post

In 2008 Ian Pickup,  then president of the NVPS, kindly sent me some of his seedlings , Fancy Pansy and Exhibition Viola, through the post as cuttings for me to try to root and grow on. The following pictures show the stages from the cutting arriving to new plants flowering.

Picture 1 is the jiffy bag containing the cuttings.

The fourth is of some of the unwrapped cuttings.

The second is of the cuttings rooted.

The third is of two of the seedlings flowering.

Sending cuttings to enthusiasts means that members do not have to travel miles up and down the country to obtain stock, which is possibly the hardest thing for newcomers to acquire- unless of course they join the society(details on contact page) and attend AGM’,April and the Annual Show in June,   where they will normally find plants of named Florist types for sale from other enthusiastic members- usually for a few pounds each plant depending on the scarcity of the plant.



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