New plants through the post

Yesterday plants that I had ordered from a supplier in Scotland arrived.

Despatched overnight and arrived in the afternoon.

The pictures  illustrate  the care and attention to detail the supplier uses.The first  picture shows some of the plants in individual pots wrapped in newspaper, box packing removed.

The second bubble wrap protecting the tender plant.

The third unwrapped beautiful healthy plant.

All plants were of an equal high standard.


These ARE NOT FLORIST types- as no supplier exists in the UK, Today. These are bedding violas etc,named.


The FLORIST types are so valuable, in historical horticulture terms, that they can only be purchased by growers who have stock, which they propagate themselves.


I do not think that many people will have ever seen them growing in their lives.


I suspect that even Kew and the RHS gardens in the UK  will not have any of them.


The one exception is MIMA WALKER an Exhibition viola which is sold by one supplier in England.



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