An adventure in plant crossing-hybridising.

The first two pictures are of seedlings ,a mixture of types, planted out  early February a couple of years ago.

These were from seed  crossed by  bees.

The remaining pictures are of  of these plants in flower during very early May.

One has to be  very strict as to whether to keep any- to maintain standards, and sad to say not one came up to my expectations.

Not controlling the crosses yourself has to become a lottery in what turns up.

Ways do exist for a  method of crossing, using  bees, to maximise the chances of improvement.

It’s a bit like painting with pollen crossing flowers, hoping for something better,unusual,different etc.Sometimes the grower, because perhaps of inexperience, misses the obvious.

More often than not the opposite, and the growers looks upon new raising like his/her children and refuses to realise that they are no better than the parents.



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